Please Not Now!

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Please Not Now

In people's everyday lives, events can happen when they least expect it. Whether it is an encounter with someone, something, or anything, it can sometimes lead to a situation that the person does not want to be a part of or sometimes a situation where they do something unexpectedly. Depending on the situation, it can turn out good or bad. Thus, people can have awkward moments when they least expect it. Whether something good or bad, they will end up remembering it.

The two stories below have a similar theme. In both stories, the authors were trying to impress someone, but ended up being the star of an embarrassing moment. They both ended up in situations where they would do anything to get out of. This can lead to very funny stories. These stories are funny because the feeling of embarrassment in front of people is a nightmare for everyone and can be easily related upon by anyone.

Everyone knows the feeling of embarrassment and knows why they would not like to experience it.

In Sophisticated Lady, the author, Joan Vanden Heuvel, was a college student who had to attend her brother's high school concert. While waiting there, she "decided to play the experienced, charming, and sophisticated older sister." (132) She tried to look snobby and bored in front of her brother's schoolmates. Then, she excused herself to use the restroom. A short while later, she returned "to the snickers and grins of everyone in the room." (132) Everyone was mocking her because the older, sophisticated lady had a forty-foot stream of toilet paper stuck to her shoe. She had ended up embarrassing herself in front of all her brother's schoolmates.

In Man Vs. Coat, the author, Mel Singer, was trying very hard to impress his...