Pledge or Prayer? The issue behind our nations pledge.

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Unity, It's what makes great sports teams work. It's the same thing that makes million dollar corporations, and it's one very important ingredient to keep our country moving forward. The Pledge of Allegiance reflects on the values of our country for each and every citizen of the United States--or does it? "Under God," what does that mean? What if you do not believe in God? That eight letter phrase "Under God" is what is breaking apart our nation's unity and equality.

Then again, this country was founded on the idea of God. That idea of a higher being helps us decide our laws, give us faith in times of need, and find our way in this jumbled mess called life. Nearly the whole world believes in something that they call a God. Who is to say that we are to tamper with tradition? "Under God" has been in the pledge since 1954.

It may not be tradition for generations before 1954, but now it is tradition to the school children of this day and age. If we take out "Under God" from our pledge we would have to re-vamp our whole society. The word God is produced on our currency, state capitals and government buildings. Our very own Declaration of Independence refers to "the creator." His name is etched in stone, but he is something far more indestructible.

The pledge of the United States of America is meant to show our patriotism in our nation and belief in the system. By having the reference to God, it is turning the pledge into a prayer not a pledge to our nation. Francis Bellamy wrote the pledge and in its original form it had no reference to God. God was added to the pledge in 1954, only because at the time we...