Plessy Vs. Ferguson

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28 March 2014

Plessy v. Ferguson

In the late 1800's there was a case called the "Plessy v. Ferguson". This case dealt with a man named Homer Adolph Plessy dealing with a situation of segregation once the thirteenth and fourteenth amendments were passed. For sitting in the white section Plessy was arrested and put into jail for violating the 1890 Louisiana Statute. This case completely goes against what the amendments purpose was for, making them useless to his side of the case. This case gave a push to beginning of the Civil Rights Movement.[0: Lawnix. "Plessy v Ferguson- case brief summary";last modified 2008, 2013,]

The 1890 Louisiana Statute was the law that meant blacks and whites were segregated but yet equal. Being "segregated but equal" just meant the blacks and whites were put into their own sections but had the same rights.

Plessy was overthrown in the case so he later brought it to the Supreme of Louisiana then later continuing to the Supreme Court of the United States. Plessy was rejected by all of them, causing him to lose the case. His fight in the case was that it was against the thirteenth amendment as well the fourteenth amendment. Many people have argued about the Plessy v. Ferguson case if it was violating the thirteenth amendment and the fourteenth amendment. Two different sides are taken in this argument. One side was that the case was not breaking any rules towards the constitution because it wasn't dealing with slaves. The other side was that the case was violating the constitution because it says that segregation is done with, so it was no need for separate train cars. The Plessy v. Ferguson did too violate the constitution. If the...