Plot And Sub Plot Of The Crucible

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The Plot and Sub-Plot of 'The Crucible' Act One --The play opens in the home of Parris the local reverend, his daughter Betty is unconscious in bed.

-- Believing that his daughter's illness is something to do with witchcraft he has sent for Reverend Hale to come and help the situation.

-- It is revealed that Betty fell ill after being caught dancing in the woods by her father. She is said to have been with her seventeen year old cousin Abigail (who is orphaned and living with them), and also Tituba who is their slave from Barbados.

--Thomas and Ann Putnam enter. They inform Parris that their daughter Ruth has fallen ill after Ann had sent her to Tituba whom they believe can speak to the dead.

-- Abigail is left alone to speak to Mary warren and Mercy Lewis who are the slaves of Putnam's and the Proctors.

She threatens them not to say any thing other than that they danced and conjured Ruth's dead sisters.

-- John Proctor enters to send Mary home. When left alone Abigail confesses to him that there is no witchcraft involved.

-- We discover that John and Abigail have had an affair when she used to work for him and his wife.

--Betty wakes and starts to scream when she hears psalms being sung. Everyone thinks that she cannot bear to hear the lords name because she is possessed by the devil.

--Rebecca Nurse and Giles Corey enter, both well respected members of the village. Rebecca claims that Betty is not really ill.

-- Reverend John Hale enters. Parris tells him about how he found the girls dancing.

-- Hale proceeds to question Abigail and asks her if she has sold her soul to the devil. To which Abigail responds by placing...