Plot Synopsis of "Clash of the Titans."

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Acrisius, King of Argos has his daughter, Danae, and her illegitimate baby, Perseus, sealed in a wooden vessel and cast into the sea. This action enrages Zeus, who orders Poseidon to release the Kraken. The goddess Thetis informs the other gods that Zeus is the father of Danae's child. The monstrous Kraken causes tidal waves that destroy the kingdom of Argos. At the same time, Zeus has Danae and her baby conveyed safely to Seraphos, a desert island, where Perseus grows to manhood. As Zeus gloats over his fine son, Thetis begs mercy for her own child, Calibos, whom Zeus has inflicted with hideous deformity in punishment for his crimes, which include killing all of Zeus's flying horses but Pegasus. Calibos's fate has seen his proposed marriage to the Princess Andromeda of Joppa called off. Zeus rejects Thetis's pleas. In revenge, Thetis takes Perseus from his island and casts him into Phoenicia.

Perseus awakes to find himself in an amphitheatre, where he meets Ammon, a poet and playwright. Worried about Perseus's fate, Zeus orders the goddesses Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera to provide him with a helmet, a sword and a shield, respectively. When Perseus finds these magical gifts, Zeus appears to him in the shield, telling him he must find and fulfill his destiny. Perseus travels to the city of Joppa, where to his horror he sees a man being burnt at the stake. A soldier, Thallo, explains that a curse has been placed on the city since the betrothal of Calibos and Andromeda was broken off. Any man may aspire to the hand of Andromeda. To gain it, he must answer a riddle; if he fails, he dies. That night, Perseus uses his helmet, which confers invisibility, to enter the palace and find Andromeda's bedroom.