Plymouths History: Two Events that happened in the early years of America.

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People in the 17th century took religion very seriously. Rulers of religion or people who were in a higher place in society were looked up upon. Whatever someone thought, was believed, if they were more powerful in society; if the Governor thought that living in a place with too much soil was bad for people to live in, people below him in society would listen to him and have no opinion of their own. Roger Williams, a kind man, was one of the few who did not believe in making others believe in what he thought about the world.

Roger Williams was a man of good interest. Many of his theories and thoughts about toleration actually did make sense, but people back then disagreed to most of what he said though and thought he was crazy too. Roger went throughout many adventures in his life time. Roger Williams' life was full of relationships and new accommodations.

Since Roger kept moving around the place, in search of new places to live, he became used to setting new goals and meeting new people. Roger soon began to think about what others had to say and think. So he began to believe in something different; he would become one of the first people who were high in power and not make others believe in what he did, he actually let people have their own opinions for the first time, and that was a great thing to do back then. Roger Williams did not have a big role in the growth of a community, but his relationship to others helped out people in need of religious freedom.

Women have always been treated differently and always kept their mouths shut. But what would happen if they didn't keep their mouths shut? Well they'd...