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The Famous Native American Indian Princess: PocahontasThe Native American Indian Princess named Matoaka changed America's history. She was better known as "Pocahontas," a nickname with the meaning of being mischievous, playful or spoiled. Throughout her short life she accomplished many things that have made her famous today. For example, she is mostly known for her friendship with John Smith, typically of the mythical love relationship that they shared. Pocahontas also had a courageous persona and inquisitive nature that saved John Smith's life and helped to promote peace between the nations. Lastly, her marriage to John Rolfe brought about peace between the Algonquian Indians and the English colonists.

Pocahontas was the daughter of Chief Powhatan of the Algonquian Indian tribe. She was born around the year 1595 (APVA, 2000) and she was a hearty young girl. She was well surpassed her age, at least by today's standards. Pocahontas was curious about the light skinned men that came to stay in Virginia (Pemberton, 2002).

She had seen men come before, but they always left and never returned. This time it was different, they had plans to stay and create a New World for themselves. John Smith, an Englishman who was one of the wild adventurers arrived at Jamestown in December of 1607. John Smith was a good firm leader, he maintained guards on the food aboard his ship and said "he who will not work, shall not eat." The reason he did this was because no one wanted to work, so to ensure that they worked, he put guards on the food. John Smith was captured by an Indian tribe, after a few days he was taken to the main chief, Chief Powhatan in Werowocomoco. That is where Pocahontas met John Smith for the very first time. Apparently John Smith...