Pocahontas and how it isn't accurate!

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The movie Pocahontas is exciting as well as educational. However Disney's use of creativity ion this movie outnumbers the facts. The movie is accurate in a few ways. The traditions of the Indian tribes depicted in the movie accurately reflect how they lived in the colonial times. Powhatan actually was the leader of a tribe and Pocahontas was his daughter. Also the Indian village of Powhatan and James Fort did exist and is accurately described in the movie. London and the Virginia colony were drawn very well geographically in the movie also. During this time period, John Ratcliff was in charge of the colony. John Smith also is accurately played out. He was indeed saved from execution by Pocahontas. Along with these specifics, the general drift of the colonial times is captured and portrayed nicely. However, although historically accurate in some respects, this movie also contains inaccuracies. Pocahontas did not actually look as tall and thin as in the movie.

John Smith also looked nothing like he did in the movie. He followed the colonial conformity and had a beard under his chin. Also in the movie, John and Pocahontas seem to be the same age. Pocahontas, however, was merely thirteen or fourteen while John was in his twenties. The story of John Smith being rescued by Pocahontas was made into fact in the movie while it is unclear if he was truly rescued by her. Also John's execution was to take place outside while history holds it in a longhouse. Sir Radcliff was not the "boss" of any of the ships to Jamestown, nor was he a governor. He was however the second president of the colony. Finally we can safely say that the friends of Smith and Pocahontas are made up though the names of the people fit...