Poem: Alethea (truth)

Essay by grapey666 September 2004

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"You loved me ever so much that night,

resting your head upon my heart,

your arms wrapped around me ever so tight,

if I could imagine your dreams, were would I start,

Gazing deeply into my soulless eyes,

"Could you take me as I am and still love me?" you ask,

my eyes set upon your face, blood filled tears accompany my cries,

"I will love you as you are, for you to do the same is all I ask,"

Night over shadows day,

as your beauty over shadows my soul,

if I had a God, for this to never end I would pray,

even if there was a price to pay, I would pay any toll,

Your kiss melting into my embrace,

emotions attached and entwined,

the night's warmth shown within your eyes, starts a smile on my face,

the night wind blankets us ever so gentle and kind,

You say our love will be as strong tomorrow,

I see truth within your words,

as demons shed tears of sorrow,

from the sweet song of several birds,

Alas, my heart severed and bled,

our love was only one night,

your current coldness, my pain is fed,

dawn came and nothing was ever again right,

I sit in my red tears thinking of my loss,

you had my heart, you won,

your stare now squeezes my soul, and my heart you toss,

I would bleed for an answer but I have none."