Poem called Cold in the Earth, notes on ideas, themes.

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Cold in the Earth

Poem is based on remembrance

No regular pattern in the first line, chaotic, gloomy.

The word deep is a plosive, exhaling of breath. Symbolizes truly dead, out of the way.. finished as is the same with the word piled. Piled also adds magnitude.

Not only is he dead but so Is everything around him.

Repetition from the first line. Removed from life, her, material objects. "Far, Far" reachable, something has happened to the victim. Buried far away, not only physical. Cold in the grave, hot in love contrast. Dreary grave, unrelieved, attempting to keep a hold. Grave not only time but refers to the atmosphere of the place.

Love of loving, so powerful it is almost an object. Personification of the dead one. Have I forgot, a fear of forgetting.

Severed heads, executions. The loss of her lover has executed her emotions.

Time is personified. Wave of time metaphor for passing of time. Time waves its scythe.

"Now" passing of time. When alone she has a life of her own, away from the greaving and mourning. Parenthesis, commas or brackets. Thoughts of feelings, emotions and observations are no longer focusses, hovering-ghosts, memories, ghosts of memories

Angora is a mythical place, romantic- a place in her mind. Over mountains to reach the place of her own.

Remembered emotions, ghosts of what they were as they are now gone. Heath, barren open country side.

Noble, honourable, aristocratic, respectable- take challenges and come out dignified, repetition of ever. Fear of forgetting.

Re-focussed onto the physical grave. December has wild winters, cold rugged, death and decoy. Absence of fresh food.

Brown hills, gloomy dreamy. Melted with time death moves on, new life appears. From brown to spring once again.

The mind will think other...