Poem: Convulsions

Essay by grapey666 September 2004

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The blood burns,

As the heart churns,

And the deadly poison of love fills my veins.

Got this warm feeling when I think of you,

Have this little passion when I speak with you,

And I fear it may be fatal for me.

Flowers and insects in my stomach jump,

A feeling with which I cannot cope,

The lovebug bites, my dearest mind.

Cupido has send his arrow flying,

Impaled me on his sharpest stake,

And piereced me in my softest place.

My weakness is now being exploit,

And my thoughts for anyone else has rot,

Aye, I smell another tragedy on my list.

Grieveous and dangerous my heart beets faster,

My mind fumbles and my thoughts tumble,

My darling princess, My dearest Queen...

.....How sad I am, my lovely Seraph.....

.....It grips me unhurtingly.....

.....I fear it most unhurringly.....

.....I'm in love again, my dearest dove.....