Poem: Dead Souls

Essay by grapey666 September 2004

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Blood stains the ground,

bodies lying around.

My rest has been shattered,

those who awoke me lay batterd.

Heads and Hands, hung around my necks,

on my clothes, the blood flecks.

I spread my wings to fly away,

Stabbed from behind today.

Cries of anguish shatter the night,

I tumble from my throne, most humble.

Who was the one? Who gave him right?

My most valuable possesions gone, I grumble:

I'll kill you, foul beast and soul to!

Run pathetic worm, your dead, you knew!

Give back my dearest love!

Petit and small as a dove.

I'll never rest until I find...

The one who took her away from me,

In pain and sorrow to you I bind,

All your hate, Ha, I laugh in glee...

Salvation you'll seek Eternally,

Pained Internally...

Free you'll never be,

Dead Souls, I'll rest upon thee...