This poem describes "mouse".

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My Fraternal Friend (Mouse)

Omnipotent God

favor you to the world,

a new prince.

Hopefully, you can contribute

your power

to help ignorant human.

You can bring the light

to the corner of the world.

Run as fast as the shooting star;

your repository is as big as the ocean.

Without you,

I will be lost...and degenerate.

The sun will not shine as he usually does.

At the touch, you can bring people to

a dark world

which I have never known, or to

a wonderful world

where there is no war and crime.

Oh my best friend, through so many years.

You always provide the solutions when I face the difficulty.

Using a unique key to open an inviolable sealed book.

Because you are too powerful,

don't even put the cat in your mind.

You are the king of the eagle

and you just give out the orders.

Until God sends a new master,

you are always on the top of the universe.