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Through out this poem “Beefburger” written by Nash he expresses It’s piece of work which would make most of its readers and audience wonder what was the idea the author tried to reveal and express in this specific poem. I think that the topic Nash have chose is appealing to the reader because in a way it is hard to find yourself judging the word ‘beef burger’ the way the author did. He kind of ends up using one of the literacy terms that I learned which was allegory which refers when the writer uses two or more levels of meanings such as ‘hamburger’ and ‘beef burger’. In this poem the writer tries to express his concerns about incorrect use of words in a language, as well as his feelings and thoughts by implying false advertisement in his work. By Nash implying this he uses the term ‘beef burger’ refering it in order to capture the readers interest and opinions on how they use the same words to refer to other meanings.

As the reader continues to read the poem Nash finds himself in the ‘mortal combat’ together with the word ‘beefburger’ which he calls ‘coined.’ meaning that the author hates ‘coined’ phrases and their actual use in everyday language. He names them ‘monstrous’ which refers to his revulsion towards them. In this poem Nash refuses to understand the meaning of the word ‘beefburger’ by describing it as ‘fraudulent’, in other words intending to be untruthful, and ‘infuriating’ which refers to both anger and confusion of the writer. By this Nash tries to imply that the appearance of the invented words that are created throughout the language motivates people, making them have no other choice but to use them in there every day lives. Making Nash criticizes people who formulate those phrases. By thispoemhe expresses the affect of the invented words on the society.

Nash uses the word ‘beefburger’ and ‘hamburger’ as too separate ones, which doesn’t make any sense because it makes people get confuse and making them afraid to learn there true meaning, making them think that beef burger is made out of beef and hamburger out of only ham even though it may refer to the same term. Additionally he implies that the different way of using the word is a ‘shoddy flam’ and nothing more.

I think that the reason for Nash to write this poem was to express him self to us the readers that the use of other fancy words are useless if they mean the same, making it seem as false advertisement as well.