Poem: Hurt Again

Essay by grapey666 September 2004

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Hurt Again


I've been hurt today,

feels as if a spike tore through me today

I feel sick from the inside,

think I'm gonna throw everything out, from the inside

My head sort of spins,

Instead of seeing one, I'm seeing twins

Christ, I'm going to die

Fuck Shit Up, I say Goodbye!

Blow a hole through my head,

Cut my tongue into a shred

Going to beat the Hell out of my "Friends",

Going to be rid of my... Oh, so Stupid "Friends"

No more for me today,

Can't take anymore pain today

I'm going to hide in the corner,

Going to be sick all over myself, in the corner

Maybe I should drown myself,

feel the water inside me, becoming part of myself

What about a great bonfire,

Listen to my bones crackle, in the bonfire

Or... a knife?

Feel a little slash of that... Oh, so sharp knife

Aaaaaaghhh, what's becoming of me?

Can't understand it, it's terrifying to me!

Hope I'll die in my sleep,

Won't have to here or feel any pain, in my sleep

What about an overdose,

Maybe I'll go to grave painlessly, on an overdose

Christ, I'm going to die

Fuck Shit Up, I say...


Cupido has send his arrow flying,

Impaled me on his sharpest stake,

And piereced me in my softest place.

My weakness is now being exploit,

And my thoughts for anyone else has rot,

Aye, I smell another tragedy on my list.

Grieveous and dangerous my heart beets faster,

My mind fumbles and my thoughts tumble,

My darling princess, My dearest Queen...

.....How sad I am, my lovely Seraph.....

.....It grips me unhurtingly.....

.....I fear it most unhurringly.....

.....I'm in love again, my dearest dove.....