A poem about love

Essay by sunandmoon July 2006

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As I sit in my room

I think of the times we shared

And the feeling I suddenly feel

Is a feeling I cannot bear

Just to hear his voice

Would make a perfect day

But since he made the worst choice

My days have never been the same

I love him so very much

That I can't seem to say good-bye

I would love to hug him a bunch,

Kiss him and say hi

When he asks for a favor

All I need to say is, "I'm already there"

'Cause his love I do savor

And I would do anything for him, I swear

I can't say good-bye

There's just too much love

If I did, I would sigh

And it wouldn't fly like a dove

To have his arms around me

Makes me feel so safe and warm

That is the way it should always be

So safe that I could forever stay in his arms

The way he looks at me

Makes me feel so beautiful

I know that we are meant to be

'Cause he makes me feel so wonderful

One good turn deserves another

But you're all I've waited for

Some people would say, "Why bother?"

But our love, to me, means so much more

Life is very precious with him

And it certainly is never a bore

If he'd never entered my life

Then I just wouldn't have anyone to adore!