Poem: Magick Spell

Essay by grapey666 September 2004

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"They say love is a form of magick,

and I must say my love, you cast your spell well,"

My eyes alight with the moons erie glow,

I place my hands upon a gravestone close to me,

I close my eyes and imagine my sad life passing by ever so slow,

After a moment, I slowly open my eyes and begin to see,

My eyes open wider as I see you standing before me,

Standing silently, looking towards me in a lace black dress,

Your eyes shimmering bright in the moonlight, a light I will forever see,

You reach your hand out to me, touching my face, a soft caress,

Your long, beautiful hair flowing within the rays of the moon,

Radient like blood red roses in a gothic moonlight,

My imagination begins to wonder, thinking of our embrace, hoping it is soon,

Knowing that if we were together everything would be right,

If there was such a thing as perfection, it would be you,

Gods stand in line just for a glimse of your beautiful face,

Impulse, I take a step closer, one step closer to you,

Just to be near you, I would give you gifts of silk, leather and lace,

Our eyes locked in a gaze of a longing for love,

Your gaze burns deep into my soul like fire,

As I stare deeply into your eyes I can see the shimmering stars from above,

I'd move planets away just to bring us higher,

I take your hand, and we walk farther past the tombstones,

Deeper into the night we walk,

Faintly I hear the sound of deathlike moans,

The sound fades as we talk,

A tall oak tree stands before us as a guardian of the night,

The silvery moonlight deeply shadows the tree,

I get...