The poem is Milton's "Lycidas". Through the course of this paper i attempted to analyzethe many layers that co-exist with in the poem. In order to convey my understanding I applied meta poetics

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Milton's multi-layered poem "Lycidas" is a literary work with a variety of interpretations and meanings. One of the many angles from which we can attempt to understand the poem is the meta-poetic level. Meta-poetics is quite a wide range of ideas, which generally can be described as dealing with authorship and the poet's relations with the audience and the poem itself, as well the exploration of the process of writing a poem. The meta-poetic, or ars-poetic, tone will concentrate on identifying Milton's emotional and psychological experiences in the process of creation-his intentions, hesitations and hopes-all in the light of the fascinating triangle of poet-poem-audience. The focus will be on the formation and reformation of Milton's psyche in the poem, as a reflection of himself and as a work of art.

When reading a work of literature, and a poem in particular, the reader must always bear in mind the poet's position and involvement in the text, but we usually use it to reach a deeper insight about the meaning of the poem.

On the other hand, the ars-poetic imagination, which will be used in this paper, will try to look at the meaning as created equally by the poet and by the poem itself. In this vision, a poem is the documentation of life, as a reflection of the psyche, a portrait of the author as an artist and a philosopher, and eventually as a human being. This would be a good place to mention that Watterson quotes in his notes Harold Bloom, saying that "a poetic text, as I interpret it, is not a gathering of signs on a page, but is a psychic battlefield upon which authentic forces struggle for the only victory worth winning, the divinating triumph over oblivion". The scope of this realm of...