Poem on past.

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Treasured Memories

What a time.

Thinking back... back to memory lane..

Joyful times of fun and games

Years of laughter and a.b.c.'s

Happiness by the simple things in life

All but now like memories..

quickly here and quickly there

Ran the kids

As I was 'IT'

Climb that tree, hide down there

Quickly, quickly


Cooties, cooties,

Away with boys

they are icky

All they do is destroy

What great memories I had those days

the great smell of grandma's fresh-bake cookies

How the flavor always taste

Yummy, wummy in my tummy.

Oh and yes, the first day of school

how scared and happy I was

For it was the first day

And there were many rules

Just remember

Live life to the fullest

Because you don't want a moment of regret

All these happy memories are kept safe

Until then...

They are treasured memories