Poem about Seeing Two Small Kids Get Mauled by a Dog

Essay by spoonman419High School, 12th grade May 2004

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I turn the corner, noticing two children ahead of me

Blue and red caps shifting in conversation

Sun gazing upon them like a spotlight

Passing glimpse evolving to a gape

As the beast dashes towards them

Its mouth unbolted, a mass of froth and daggers

They never saw it coming

The bigger one shields his brother with stiff arms

As it pounces like a tiger onto a gazelle

My jaw slumps as they tumble into traffic

Clasping onto a leg, thrashing rhythm to screams

A machine, bent on their destruction

Out of a pickup, they are delivered a knight

Wielding a tire iron as his mighty sword

Pummeling the beast, drawing the crosshairs to himself

It tears the stuffing from his limb

Exchanging thrashes for blows

While brothers lie shocked, doused in red

The death grips begins to fade

As the machine loses its power

And the Knight's iron cross collapses to the wet floor