Poem: Spiral

Essay by grapey666 September 2004

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My love shines for her,

like a bright candle on yonder shore.

I don't know where to look,

were to go,

there's a pain in my heart,

and it won't die.

Love or be loved,

I can't think of the above.

Chitter, chatter my teeth they rattle,

thoughts of her like,

candle-flames, dancing, prancing,

no worries, but their own.

Why won't it stop,

this feeling, that I got.

Why at this time,

why at that place,

can't it go,

can't it die and fade away?

Crying for my own sake,

but it doesn't matter.

My heart's already gone,

into the pits of fore-ever,

and where else it may have been,

no-one will I love again,

as... my life cannot go down the spiral again.