Poem: These feelings...

Essay by grapey666 September 2004

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Yes, a sad story it was,

they were apart and yet so much the same.

Does it always go this way or is it a way to show shame,

I can't understand and I hope I never will.

It's so sad and yet so very true,

meant so much to me and nothing to you.

Can't make it go away,

Won't make it eat me up.

These feelings that I got...

Yes, it's really harsh,

worse than walking through a marsh.

Much is said which is not truly meant,

but it's the way it went.

Don't hope it hurts too much,

but when your hurt it's not nice to touch.

Can't think straight,

Don't think I'll go without.

These feelings that I get...

The pain is unbearable,

hope I can make it.

Don't think I've got long left to go,

My heart's torn asunder.

Nothing's left,

but to pick up the pieces and hope there's no other.

Hope it's over before it's begun,

Can't live with it.

These feelings that I get...

I'm only left alive,

with the thoughts of you.

Hope I never forget,

Hope you can forgive.

I don't want it to end,

but if it's too hard maybe it shouldn't begin?

Hope it ain't to quaint,

Hope it's not another phase.

These feelings that I get... For You...