A poem about war

Essay by GarethsGal March 2003

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When it was before the war

The soldiors thought their life was a bore

But the soldiors went and bombed Baghdad

People of Iraq got really sad

Nobody likes the war

Or seeing all that blood and gore

Fighters march for hours on end

With bullets in their weapons to send

Wearing green they look really smart

Taking their brave job to heart

English priminister Tony Blair

Gave the country a real scare

Iraq leader Saddam Hussein

Has been a real pain

In the dark the troops fumble

Being careful not to stumble

The tories made a militry campaign

To help their minds from going insane

As they marched on weary

Their eyes began to get bleary

But then awake they snap

When again they hear a clap

I only hope that it wont be long

Before all our boys are back were they belong