A poem written about Margaret Attwood's book A Handmaids Tail. This is shaped like a burning cross and should be viewed by the attached file :)

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closed is the mind that accepts nothing- if the world was to die who would watch

religion is a principle a leap to death-a leap to faith? a jump to conclusions- does the child die as the mother looks on in anguish cowering in the dark hiding in the gutter fanatics or revolutionaries

can god really be a ruler- can the bible be law- praised be those who walk in the light- does the light extend to those who are different are we wrong- is baptist synonymous with evil- does a muslim deserve to die- the eyes are closed- the public gropes in the dark repressed by their willingness to accept the lies- the slaves of a world

run by men are

vassals of non fertile seed- births are a time for joy a joy that comes less frequently diminishing with hope and freedom

a pacified, sterilized and patronized world a world of hate and deceit- of lies and counter lies- the believers versus the hold outs- a world ruined by a religion a principle that rushes the world into ruin