This is a poem I wrote about the every day life of high school students. Enjoy.

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At eight the bell rings

And the classes will see

Many hundreds of teens in complete misery.

The lockers start closing in the halls

Signaling the lurkers, against the walls

The time has come, and now they must pay

For staying up all night doing nothing but play.

The final bell rings the teachers come out

To tell the students what the day is about.

They have multiple choices

As to what their voice is, but the message is always the same:

"Jabber and jabber, yada and yada, turn in your homework or your grade will be nada!"

The students' faces, all filled with pain,

Make it clear that no matter how this advice is laid plain

Some GPAs will never clear one,

And all those teens' parents deprive them of fun

Next comes the chorus that will always bore us,

"Open your books to page three-fifty-four

For twenty pages of homework you've been waiting for."

After, or before, this amazingly sad bore

The word "project" comes to mind;

Yet another way to put your brain in a bind.

"And look out, students! Tomorrow is due

That huge project you've been putting off for a month or two."

In third period, they may feel a bit muddy,

Although it is no part because

Of that test for which they did not study.

But the third period teacher allows a respite

For this particular teacher does not bite;

His tests are challenging and his assignments fun,

Making it seem that as if in a dream the school runs.

Fourth period comes,

And students' stomachs are rumbling;

No luck for them in their studies,

Despite all their grumbling

At last, lunch arrives, and three dollars will be gone

If its pizza this day that students hope to feed on.