A poem I wrote about love

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I was supposed to be forgotten forever

instead I lay inside her

as she broke before me

a moment so precious

you dare never ask for

knowing my heart is her

she weeps oceans of love

and now I see who she really is


For the one I love

I would die one thousand times

over and over again

for that chance moment to be yours

to hear the words you're mine

one more time

you're in my reach and I can grab you but I can never really have you

this pain is worse than any death

You can hurt me now

but the pain is only turning to love



Today I did the worst thing

any man could ever do

I hurt the one I love and

I don't know what to do

I didn't mean to do it and

I hate to see her cry

It just felt like everything inside me

has turned from day to night

I'm really scared now

I just want to die

I can make it till morning

but I'm gunna have to try

When I see the sun rise

everything will be all right

I know she really really loves me

and she is worth the fight

If I have to wait one thousand years

ill suck it up and take

don't try so hard to make it work

that was my worst mistake