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Though the poems of 'Home Burial' by Robert Frost, 'Father and Child', 'In the Park' and 'Mother Who Gave me Life' all written by Gwen Harwood, they all have one thing in common. A child is involved. In the poems deep connections of lost, growing up is both seen in the four poems, whether a child or an adult, life throws out obstacles that help a person to grow and mature but at the same can get the person misled in direction when things don't go as planned and they are challenged both mentally and physically.

Through the many years, many poets have presented a vast amount of poems that help to shape the concepts of life and offering morals that has seen been used to the modern days. Each poem represents a different theme, background story and each contains a different perspective that can affect a person in different ways, each poem allows a portrait or a portrayal of a person to be formed or seen through words.

The mood of the poem lets off a vibe, feeling and emotions that the portrait is telling its story from, the events that have happened to the specific portrait can tell their personality from their reactions and how they deal with the matter at hand. Each portrait written and given, allows imaginations to appear, each person that reads the story may contrast a different image that is portraying the character in their head. Each piece of information given to the characters allows the person to add onto their imagination and their portrayal of the characters.

Home Burial, a story of child loss, written by Robert Frost. He tells of story close to heart after many losses of his own children. The poem tells of a story of a...