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'Poems studied share common concepts, theses, issues and/or ideas'

Select at least two poems studied in class and compare how effectively each poet communicated their message to their audience.

In your response you must make detailed references to your chosen poems.

Poems are developed to communicate an important message or theme, some which can include journey, change and crossing cultures. 'The Door' is a poem by Miroslav Holub that involves an imaginative journey taken by the persona as to what is behind the door. Holub also effective communicates the numerous possibilities of change that come with opening the door. Similarly the theme of journey can be revealed in the poem 'Past carin'' and the concept of crossing cultures is common when compared to the poems 'No more Hiroshima' and 'August 6th'. The poets all effectively communicate these themes through numerous literal techniques.

The result of a journey is never known but it is a risk that all have to take.

In 'The Door' the persona is being persuaded by the speaker to 'go and open the door', a decision that could hold unlimited opportunities, down paths that have no specific outcomes. The persona takes an imaginative journey as they work though the endless positive or negative events and experiences that could lie behind the door. The speaker prompts this journey with repetition of 'Maybe' indicating to the audience that a journey can lead you anywhere, to even 'a garden, or a magic city'. No physical journey is actually taken by the persona but the poet or speaker is constantly referring to the certain possibility of a real, physical journey if they open the door. The persona is hesitant and by the end the poet is almost pleading with them to take the chance, and expresses that 'if there's a fog...