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Intro to Literature March 17, 2001 Is a Good Revelation Hard to Find? Flannery O'Connor's views on society and life are forever imprinted through her work; she paints a vivid picture of ignorant southern middle class families. In "A Good Man is Hard to Find", O'Connor presents the reader with a southern family going on a road trip with their self-centered grandmother. Complications arise when the family has a deadly encounter with an escaped killer. Similar characteristics can be seen in another one of O'Connor's short stories called "Revelation". Set mainly in a doctors waiting room, the main character, Mrs. Turpin, is an over weight self-involved middle class southern woman, who has to come to grips with her own status with God. Both characters have similar qualities but are completely unique in there own way.

First of all , the grandmother and Mrs. Turpin are both extremely self involved people, but in different ways.

An example of this can easily been seen in the grandmothers unwillingness to go to Florida. "She wanted to visit some of her connections in east Tennessee and she was seizing at every chance to change Bailey's mind" (381). She is not at all concerned with what the family wants or what they have planned. All she wants is to get her own way. She is constantly dropping little remarks about how lovely Tennessee is and how the children should respect there native land. The grandmother goes to great lengths to get her way, even using her own grandchildren against there father by fabricating a story about a secret panel that had silver hidden in it. The craftiness of her lie leads the family to there own doom, but yet the grandmother still is only concerned with herself. She is a prime example of egoistic mind.