The poet and the society

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Since the begining of human history , men desired to understand the entities that surround them . People who chose the love of knowledge as away of life asked questions to reveal the unknown . Mankind called these curious people philosophers . they tried to define what human being is , what is bad and what is good and lot questions that need to be answered by looking for the truth , so that we can see that as being the tool for self حجpreservation , the desire for truth , turned in to a value for mankind . In this field of people seeking for knoweldge , i will discuss the issue of ganing knowledge , and the harm of poet and poetry in the ideal society in platos world (Republic ) in this book plato claims that when ever we are looking to learn something , we only get it through facts and true , there in no room for people to imagine or follow their feeling or senses to know things , more over Plato in the Republic did band all poet from his society , because as plato claims , poets encourage poeple to express their feelins and emotions then people might be controled by their passions in the absent of their minds , which may leads them to do do wrong thins or wrong judgment on things .

Monaliza smile is the title of a new movie that discuss the same issue about knoweledg sourcess and poets effect on the society , in this movie we are able to another point of view and new teaching philosophy used by the teacher to put her students in the right track of learing and discovering new aspects of their life . Julia Roberts (the teacher ) is...