Poetic Analysis of Psalm 8

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10 September, 2014

Comparative Poetic Analysis

Psalm 8 and Akhenaten, "The Hymm to Aten" are both great works of literature, which changed the way we praise our higher powers. The authors are very discreet in the way they feel about the gods spoken about in the readings. Although, Psalm 8 is a bible verse the themes can be compared to Akhenaten, "The Hymm to the Aten", a work of Egyptian praise, both are giving praise to higher powers. However, in Psalm 8 the author gives praise to a god who possesses all powers and in "The Hymm to the Aten", Akhenaten gives praise to the sun god, or god of light.

There are many similarities in Psalm 8 and in "The Hymm to Aten", one being that they are both praises to a higher power. Both literatures speak about how great their gods are, glorifying him for all that he/she has done.

Another similarity would have to be some of the powers the gods possess. For instance, both gods were to have made earth as they pleased, being responsible for creating all men, crops, and creatures of the earth.

The biggest difference in Psalm 8 and "The Hymm to Aten", would have to be the gods in which the authors are worshipping. In Psalm 8 the author is giving praise to a god who possesses powers to everything, but in "The Hymn to Aten", Akhenaten is praising a "sun god", or a god of light. In "The Hymm to Aten" when the sunsets and there is darkness the worshipers experience a fear of the unknown, because the sun god is supposedly powerless in the dark. Unlike the sun god in Arkansan's work, the god of Christ in Psalm 8 is powerful and...