Poetic in both its language and its pacing.

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"Poetic in both its language and its pacing."

"How do you make one of the toughest decisions in life when you're as lonely as a distant planet? Callisto May knows a lot about planets. She could name all the moons of Jupiter, or tell you the dimensions of the Great Red Spot, but she doesn't know much about love. She's so used to pleasing other people that she has lost track of how to be herself. And now there's no one close enough to help: her boyfriend is way out of reach; her mother is distracted by 'sad ladies'; and her dad - well, his motto is 'be prepared', which is exactly what Cally wasn't. But in her struggle, Cally finds enough courage to fight through the fog of secrecy and silence that's suffocating her family. Borrowed Light is an intensely honest, painful, funny book. Anna Fienberg writes with sensitivity and panache about the intricate relationships between family, friends and lovers."

Callisto is into astronomy. She classifies people into moons and stars. Stars being people that 'make there own light', or people that are glamorous usually people that are independent and like to take care of themselves. Moons on the other hand 'borrow light' and are very impressionable and like to please others. Callisto is a moon she likes to please others even if it's at her own expense. She's 16 years old, thin and has long dark hair. She has many bad memories of the year she was 16. The green ginger wine and the time she came home with her dress inside out.

That was the night she met Tim, the surfing God. She among other girls idolized him. He was the perfect guy, skin like honey and eyes like magnets. He walked over to her, she...