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Analytical Skills - Ability to identify IT systems, analyze, and solve problems in an optimal way.

Technical Skills - Ability to understand how computers, data networks, databases, operating systems, etc. work together.

Management skills - The Organization's management, project management, risk management, change management.

Communication Skills - Interpersonal communication (written, verbal, visual, electronic, face-to-face conversations, presentations in front of groups)

To become a systems analyst you should have:

Bachelor's Degree in an IT or engineering field

Must have a good understanding of IT architecture, IT systems, Programming and development

Education - Explained

If you want to be a systems analyst, you need a college degree. However, you don't have to study computer science or information technology. Computer science and IT degrees are the most common among systems analysts, because those programs prepare aspiring analysts with courses in network administration and management, business software applications and project management. But many employers hire analysts with a business or liberal arts degree who know how to write computer programs.

You can acquire the necessary education/qualifications basically at any college that has a Computer Science or Information Technology courses. To become one all you need is a bachelor's degree in IT and you are good to go. Some schools that offer computer programs in the area are Sheridan and Mohawk College. Sheridan has a job placement rate of 85%.

Technology is always improving and very quickly too so being in the field of IT you always have to be ready for change. It could happen at any moment. On the job training would be necessary because of the rapid change that could happen. Per say a new language comes out or maybe the equipment we use is upgraded. It's all going to take some time for everyone to get used to and to...