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Poetry is something special. It isn't just a way for us to express our feelings (that's what personal journals are for). They are something we slave over for a long time, and are never quite sure if it is any good. That's how I like it. The minute I become satisfied with my work is when I'll stop writing poetry, because I won't be able to go any further. I won't be able to grow any more. Poetry is evolving. A famous poet once said,"Poems are never trully finished just abandoned." Unless you guys have a true fire in the belly, if you can handle the moments of uncertainty, of feeling unsure and alone, of sweating blood for your craft, of listening to critique, but taking it with a grain of salt, can accept that very few people in the serious journals will stroke your ego or really care about your dead cat, then you are ready to begin being a poet! Work, write, then rewrite.

Put it away for a few months and forget about it, then rewrite it some more. Read lots of poetry because they are the best teachers. Such as: Mark Doty, Randell Jarell, Lucille Clifton, Gary Snyder, Rita Dove, Yusef Komunyakaa, Tennyson, Wordsworth, Longfellow, Richard Hugo, Dereck Mahon, Pablo Neruda, Goran Sonnevi, Stephen Dobyns, Billy Collins, Anna Akhmatova, C.P. Cavafy, and there are hundreds of others from all over the world. To quote Robin Williams in the Dead Poets Society,"Don't write poetry because it is cute. Write poetry because we are part of the human race!"