Poetry: "America Star Spangled and Strangled the Unknown Soldiers."

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America, you are the source of the rage in my body

For all the sacrifices that were made

Our memories will fade

We must trust in no one.

Can't you see we wear our souls on our faces

We are the righteous

So take your places

You give up your life!

When all the innocence is lost

And all our boundaries have been crossed

We're falling and we've lost our ground

And I already hear the sound of us losing our freedom

Shackled and beaten for petty crimes

You don't care about race or ethnicity

All humans are the lumber for your fires

The flaming pit of your desires

So let us rise to the occasion

With the hearts of lions

Destroy the core of conformity

Put out their burning fires

When all the innocence is lost

And all my boundaries have been crossed

I'm falling and I've lost my ground

and I already see myself losing my freedom

America the land of the free and the brave

Corruption and power is digging the grave

And if we fight this battle with all that we've got

I see a future that is ample and bright.