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Kelsie Steinmetz

Mrs. Sells

English IV Per. 2

14 March 2014

"Love After Love" Poetry Analysis

Everyone will fall in and out of love sometime within their life. They will change into a different person just to please another person, but forget about who they really are. After a breakup people must learn to love and take care themselves again, just like they did before the relationship. They cannot forget who they are, and how they loved themselves.In "Love After Love" by Derek Walcott, Walcott informs the reader that returning to the person they were before a relationship will not be easy, but when it happens it will be full of joy and love.

At the end of a relationship learning to love the person they were before the relationship will not be easy. "The time will come / when, will elation" (1-2).

The speaker emphasizes the joy one will feel when they learn to re-love themselves. The speaker uses the word 'elation' to express the joy one will feel, then they will greet themselves at the door and welcome themselves back. They will look in the mirror and be content with what they see, the first stanza ends with looking in the mirror and smiling at themselves in the mirror.

The speaker has the person imagine themselves as a guest and welcoming them to sit down. Walcott emphasizes "You will love again the stranger who was yourself" (7). The person will realize that they have changed from the person they were before the relationship. It was long ago when they loved themselves and that person now seems like a stranger.

"Give wine. Give Bread" (8). This quote gives the analogy of the Holy Communion, but instead of with God it...