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As he stepped into the shop,It felt like he couldn't see,A pair of eyes surrounded him,It was the quite opposite of glee.

He wore a white shirt, black hat and baggy jeans,I winked at the girl behind the counter, she smiled at me.

It seemed like those eyes had once worked for the Marines,That was however, when he heard that one sound.

Footsteps. He was used to them.

He was constantly followed, by all kinds of people.

"Look mommy, that man looks different than you and me"They all thought he was different, just because he was black.

He was used to it though.

He'd been mocked, joked, detested.

He was sick however, of being testedby God, he just wanted to grow.

He wished he was older,He wanted to be respected,He was done with that one timeIn which he had been molested.

This time it was no different.

He found two shirts, some trousers and a coat,Stepped into the dressing room,This was the only time for him that he could gloat.

He hadn't liked anythingAnd so he stepped out.

He put the clothes back in the rack,But that was when he heard a shout.

"You there, put that hat back""What are you talking about, I came in with it""Put it back, or I'm calling the police"He began to get annoyed, He needed to sit.

But then for the first time in his life, he was defended.

"Sir, please calm down.

That man came inside that shop with that hat"It was now his turn to smile and the guard's to frown.

He finally walked out, but he was not happy,Maybe just a bit glad.

He was more annoyed at how people could be like that.

You know, so discriminative; it's so sad.