Poetry: "Freedom", "Coffee Shop", "Gulf Coast Blues", and "Waves"

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I sit alone in this somber reality

Surrounded by the walls constructed around me.

Such a dark place

I feel morbid and lifeless.

I tear down these walls

The light shines so much stronger

It shines through me,

Penetrates this place.

An escape is what I need

My vision of the calm breeze of sweet serenity

Flying swiftly through the trees

Lets me bleed free, free from all that surrounds me.

I tear down these walls

The light shines through me

It burns like fire and devours the darkness,

Penetrates this place

Coffee Shop.

Cactus overshadows cancerous tendencies,

The coffee screams, "These people are dependent on me!"

Scatter the papers and pens on the table.

Just listen, listen to the voices,

Nameless faces stare aimlessly at the walls

Just look at them and recognize their flaws.

I haven't the responsibilities they are blessed with.

No rules, no priority,

Just so far away from the mainstream majority.

Cactus overshadowing cancerous tendencies,

The coffee screams, AThese people are dependent on me!@

Gulf Coast Blues.

A roadside sunset at the beach,

Something special to remember

A sunset you could never see in December.

The breeze off the water was wet that day.

I remember thinking about the rain.

There was only one cloud in the sky that day.

The ironic thing was that the storm still came.


California summer,

Pumpin' South Pacific

Soothing pleasure under blue cover.

The ocean's jungle is ours to ride...

A glassy tube at morning's tide.