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The study of poetry in the senior years of high school has much relevance to the study of English as well as almost all other types of texts studied at school. Studying poetry allows you to explore many interesting aspects of poems, which will then branch out to other text types. When you read a poem, usually you would only have a very general and brief idea of what the poem is about and what it is trying to say. However, through some analysis of the poem, you would discover many additional and deeper meanings of the poem, which can add much more feeling and interest to the poem. Poems are an intriguing and very intricate style of writing as they are very short yet they can express a great deal of emotions and can create a wide array of atmospheres in many creative ways. For instance, in Kenneth Slessor's poem Country Towns, a very drowsy, slow-paced, dreary and lazy tone is achieved through phrases such as: "Verandas baked with musky sleep, Mulberry faces dozing deep", "Lower their ears, and drowse again...",

"Drown me with syrups, arch you boughs, find me a bench, and let me snore" and "I'll think it's noon at half-past four". The first quote, "Verandas baked with musky sleep, Mulberry faces dozing deep" appeals to the sense of smell, that is, the smell of baked verandas and musky refers to an old, stuffy smell. This gives the impression of an abandoned veranda which hasn't been used in a long time and is emphasised with the use of the words "dozing deep", which is also using alliteration. The second quote, "Lower their ears, and drowse again..." is referring to dogs who seem to do nothing but sleep all day and using the word "drowse"...