Poetry, A mirror of it's time.

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Poetry is an excellent reflection of what was going on in society when it was written. Poetry can give incite into both the political and social aspects of life. For example poetry as a mirror of our times,unfortunately, reflects: violence, racism, unbarred hatred and levels of despair that haven't been seen since the dark ages. In the song 'DeerDance' by System of a Down, the lyrics say: "Pushing little children with their fully automatics, they like to push the weak around" this depict how hatred rules and people with power just seek out more power by further weakening the already weak and/or poor.

In America large residential and even industrial areas get turned into ghettos because of the extreme lack of money, poor living conditions and high unemployment. People in these ghettos then turn to gangs as there only way to escape the poverty. A vast majority of gang members (in America) rap, rap reflects their lifestyle and situations in the lyrics and its style of music.

The lyrics are the most obvious way that it portrays their suffering and difficulty because they are usually easy to understand, and even if your cant personally relate to what they are saying you certainly understand how they must be suffering. In the song Soldier by Eminem some of the lyrics go as follows:"Infatuated with guns" ; "I don need a reason to give this trigger a good squeeze, it'll leave you full of bullets, pull it, leave it ". This clearly has a number of very violent meanings to it, one of which is clearly that your not safe at all because nowadays people don't seem to need a good reason to shoot someone and that if you do get shot you'll just get left behind and forgotten about. This is...