This was an poetry practice assignment where we chose a color and wrote a descriptive sentence with it. The same thing was done with rain.

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The vast Pacific waters stretching on into the horizon.

Faded Levi jeans with shredded pant legs caked in mud.

The cloudless afternoon sky engulfing the earth in a baby blue blanket.

A violent ocean wave crashing into the side of a rocky cliff.

The hue of a day that is coming to a close.


An endless meadow swaying in the springtime wind.

The tropical waters of a Caribbean island.


The shower of dead tree leaves in the autumn.

A freshly picked orange, plumb and juicy with flavor.

An old carrot which has been sitting on a fruit stand gaining facial hair.



Tears of God showering down on the house.

Fat drops of rain leaving minute dents on the car roof.

Howling rain pricking the side of my face like tiny thumbtacks.

A fragile crystal ball from heaven.

Disintegrating raindrops gently nestling on my skin.

An army of raindrops violently rippling my pool.

Heavy raindrops kamikazing into the ground, exploding on impact.

A gentle shower of raining falling from heaven, filling the sky with color.

The rain falls for hours, accentuating the color of the ground.

Raindrops plunge from the sky like tiny crystals as they sparkle in the sunlight.