Poetry response to the lyrics from the song "Shooting Up In Vain" by Eagle Eye Cherry

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The poem "Shooting Up In Vain", by Eagle Eye Cherry, uses widespread use of imagery to convey the caustic influence of drugs on an individual.

The deep, dark imagery in this poem greatly contributes to the overall shady feeling of this poem. The imagery begins instantaneously in the first sentence. "Waking up as the sun goes down" (1), demonstrates an almost demonic quality about the protagonist in this piece of writing, giving the image of someone waking up at sunset and preparing to begin their day in the shadows.

The authors used many images to send out the message of how harmful drugs are on a person. There is a physical and a mental illness that comes along with using drugs and the author displays both of these aspects using imagery throughout this poem. The main character in this poem feels the physical portion with his "Body all in pain"(2), and the mental drag when he feels sells everything that means anything to him including his wedding ring just to uphold his habit.

This poem may have other underlying messages but the author's main point is clear and in the open, drugs won't get you anywhere, and if you hop on that one way train there's a good chance you aren't coming back.