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Poetry is the art of literature written to take us outside the square we live in; a walk back in time. This skill leads us on a journey into the poet's mind changing the reader's outlook on certain issues.

Poetry can draw a clear picture using poetic techniques making it art in a text genre. "The Sea," by James Reeves describes the relation between a dog and the sea. In the creation of a vivid picture, the writer depicts an original inspirational idea based from his imagination. The poet uses a metaphor, "The sea is a hungry dog," adding colour. Symbolism is used in the poem, "Shaking his wet sides over the cliffs." This uplifts the power of poetry and makes it more intriguing, giving the created picture life. Poetry can awaken our senses. The writer is able to demonstrate Onomatopoeia, "Bones, bones, bones, bones!" This creates sound into the poem, fusing reality into this easily written art form.

Adding meaning to the piece of art, the poet uses poetic adjectives, "hungry" dog. This technique allows thoughts to be creatively stated. This whole experience gives the writer a sense of creativity and the reader an elaborate picture inside their imagination.

Reading poetry can take us back in time or drive us into some kind of scenario. In fact, there are no boundaries in poetry and that also goes for the writer. "The Man from Snowy River," by Banjo Paterson is a famous folk legend. Paterson's poem tells the story of a brave horse rider who rode his way down a steep hillside. This poem gives us piece of what it may have been like back in that time up in the high country. For instance it tells us "for the bushman love hard riding

where the wild bush...