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The place that I would pick for the location of Survivor is Oklahoma in the United States during the fall. I picked this place because it had many plains and different types of weather. With the mild and rainy weather, the tribe could collect needed things. For instance, when it rains, they would be able to collect water. In addition, Oklahoma has many bison and different types of animals to hunt. That is why I picked it for my location of Survivor.

The four people I would choose are Jack from Pennsylvania, Rob from Ohio, Jim a retired banker, and Lee from Beaver Falls. By choosing Jack, our tribe would be very clean and always have shelter because Jack knows how to build a hut and knows how to work with very little. With Rob being in the tribe, all medical emergencies would be taken care of because he has had more training than an average person has.

In choosing Jim, the tribe would be very close and fun. Jim has a great sense of humor and he likes to hunt and fish. By having Jim, we would never be hungry or sad.

The three items that I would choose to take with me are a knife, waterproof matches, and a compass. These items where picked for many reasons. A knife can be used to hunt for food and to carve things from the nearby trees. By having a knife, we would be hungry when animals are around and we would not be bored all the time. In addition, I chose to bring waterproof matches along. These matched can be used to make a fire to keep warm at night and to cook the food that was caught. The last item I would choose is a compass. Any tribe needs a compass so they don't keep walking in the same area for a long period of time. In addition, a compass can be used when people go out and hunt for food. Because when you are hunting, you never know where you might go. Therefore, by having a compass you would be able to return to camp after a day of hunting.

I think my strategy will be able to win the prize because I chose all the right people that know about the outdoors and that get along with others. In addition, these people can make each other happy and enjoyable to be around. I also think I will win because with the right items any team can win if they just put their mind to it. That is why I think I will win.