Poland:My country of Origin.

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The country I will be talking about is Poland. I am writing about this specific country because my family traces back to Poland, and I care a lot about it. There are many interesting and amazing facts about Poland that many people; including myself, did not know, and I wish to share these facts for people to learn about, and keep with them for many years. Some of the things I will be discussing will be the climate, location, the economy, culture, and literature of Poland, along with other things. I hope you learn some compelling facts about Poland from this paper.

*Poland has a very interesting climate. The average mean temperature is about forty five degrees Fahrenheit for the year, though the average mean temperature is about twenty six degrees Fahrenheit for January, and sixty four degrees Fahrenheit for July. The precipitation is greatest in the summer. The rain ranges to about fifty three inches in the mountains, and about five centimeters in the low lands.

The annual rainfall is about twenty five inches. I find the climate of Poland very unique.

*The location of Poland is very important, for it is the reason for the climate and ways of living. Poland is a country of north central Europe, and is very flat, which 'Poland' implies. Poland is bounded on the south and southwest by Czechoslovakia. The Carpathian and Sudation mountains form the southern boundary with Czechoslovakia. There are no natural boundaries in the east or west of Poland. Poland is near Germany. The capital of Poland is Warsaw. Tourism season in Warsaw is from May to October when the weather is pleasant.

*There are many interesting facts about the natives of Poland. The life expectancy of a person in Poland is about 76.05 years, though the average...