Polaris Case Analysis

Essay by shawnsmets July 2006

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After reviewing the facts of the article, it appears to me that the problem at Polaris is one of poor organization and structuring of the companies resources.


The first alternative in solving the organizational problem at Polaris is to expand the marketing research and development teams to cities outside of the Midwest, such as Burlington, VT, Portland, ME, and Manchester, NH in the Northeast and Denver, CO, Helena, MT in the Midwest, and Tempe, Arizona in the southwest and other US and foreign cities where Polaris' products may have a market.


This alternative organizes Polaris better in terms of marketing and researching products for the future. It will better organize the company to achieve its goal of bringing new innovative ideas on products to the pipeline. It will also make the company more efficient to meet a larger target audience as well increasing the potential to grow sales around the US/world.


This alternative may have a negative impact on the loyal employees in Roseau. They have been the focal point of the company's success in the past and such organizational changes may decrease moral.

A second alternative in solving the organizational problem of Polaris is to fund and open new research and development centers in bigger cities in the US.


This alternative should organize the company better in attracting a broader range of engineers and designers, a problem that the current structure has been lacking in Roseau. Also, expanding the R&D funding will show investors and creditors that the organization is structuring itself to expand to other areas of the world and US.


This alternative will cost the company a good deal of money and if the R&D is not a success, you made the company less efficient.

The third alternative would be...