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Bittner?s definition of the police is a great definition. They do exactly that, control what needs to be controlled. After reading how many police there are on average per town in the USA, I believe that there is not even close to enough police officers per town. How can an average of 10 officers take care of a town that has a population of 10,000. There are so many crimes that can be completed with the police not even knowing it happened until many days later.

A good example of how the America?s law enforcement was little to nothing in the early days is the movie Gangs of New York. In this movie gangs essentially run the whole city and murder, rape, and robbery were not uncommon things to see in the America after the Revolutionary War. There are three duties that the police officer holds. They are crime fighting, peace keeping, and providing social services.

Out of the three duties I believe that officer usually neglect the third duty, which is providing social services.

An example of this is one of my past experiences. In Hartford I asked a police officer if it was okay to cross the street because officers were conducting traffic. One officer said yes as the other was directing traffic right into my friend and me. The car hit us in the legs and knocked us off of our feet. Instead of helping us, the officer directing traffic told us that it was our fault and to get out of the road. I was irate because he didn?t provide me with any social services at all (not even an ?are you alright??).

The police can sort of be a contradictory group in the sense of a corrupt police officer. Police officers can actually be...