Police Brutality

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Police Brutality Police brutality has been a problem in society ever since we can remember. Even though police brutality is a subject people don't want to talk about, we have to realize that no matter what we do, police brutality, police corruption, racism, and politics are components of police brutality.

Police Brutality involves police misuse of physical and mental force such as: the use of physical and deadly force, chronic verbal abuse of citizens including racist and homosexual slurs, and "discriminatory patterns of arrest" (Fighting 2). Each one of these problems is serious and very degrading to the law-abiding citizens.

Police misconduct adds to a high percentage of police brutality. Racism, a big part of police misconduct, has become a major problem in the police force. Police officers have a tendency to harass the homeless, young persons, and minorities, among with many other groups of people (Fighting 2). Since the relations of blacks and police has been so horrible, it doesn't make it any easier to decrease the problems of people being prejudice on the streets of today's United States (Cothran 58).

Racism is a part of everyday life to most people, and the sad part is racism is so common that people don't think twice about it.

Brutality beatings and racial brutality beatings sound a lot the same but in essence their different. In racial beatings, people get beat because of their race, sex, or their status. The following are some examples: on the night of July 30, Brendel 2 1995: an off duty police officer killed a black homeless man who was outside of a nightclub (Cothran 59). An unarmed black man, Tyrone Lewis, was killed by officer Knight in St. Petersburg Florida, on a simple traffic violation (Cothran 58). While in Chicago's police department, an immigrant from...