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Police Brutality Police officers risk their lives everyday just by putting on that identifiable uniform. They deal with dangerous situations all the time and they see things that the average person would never see over the course of their life. A lot of the situations they face can be stressful, but they are trained to deal with them. They have huge responsibilities to themselves and to the public, but some officers can be pig-headed and forget that they are not above the law. In trying to control situations, they sometimes take things to far and people get hurt. It doesn't matter if the people being injured are criminals or not, police officers need to be more conscious of their actions and control their emotions while on the job. They need to remember to use reasonable force. When the police go to far, they should be dealt with accordingly because society cannot have the authorities, people we put our trust in, severely injuring or even killing people.

We see a lot of police misconduct during protests. Police are against protests because they often lead to violent riots. They'd like to stop protests before they even happen by cracking down on the activists. In Klein's article, Elan Ohayon woke up one morning and was surrounded by police. They arrested him and allegedly assaulted him (1). Klein says that Ohayon slept in Toronto's Allan Gardens every Friday to protest police harassment of the homeless (1). There was no reason for police officers to have assaulted him. In the article, lawyer Bob Kellerman says, "when police use excessive force, they have to justify it by accusing people of such things as assaulting police"� (3). Ohayon was indeed charged with assaulting police, but who's to say that he actually committed that offence? It turned out...