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Two necessary elements in becoming a useful police officer are attending the police academy and dealing with the public through the process of field training. Both are very important and a crucial part in the process of becoming a police officer but field training has more practical, useful and hands on training. At the police academy, instructors teach a recruit the necessary knowledge and skills that the officer will have to deal with daily throughout his career. After completion from the police academy, the sponsoring department will put the recruit through a three month probationary period of field training with a field training officer. More can be learned in three months of field training than five months at the academy.

While in the police academy, there is a very demanding schedule. Positive behavior and a great deal of discipline are strictly enforced in the academy. During the twenty-one week academy, there will be classes of varying lengths throughout the program such as: Oral Communications, Domestic Violence, Use of force, Constitutional Law, Community Policing, Stress, Elder Abuse, Defensive Tactics, Criminal Law, Motor Vehicle Stops, Building Searches, Motor Vehicle Law, Juvenile Issues, Suicide Prevention, Interview and Interrogation, Ethics, Drug Investigations, Courtroom Testimony, Crime Scene Management, Report Writing, Pepper Spray, Baton, Handcuffing, Ground Defense, Edged Weapon Defense, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, Firearms and First Responder.

A recruit is expected to be on time at the academy at 7:30am to start the morning with drill and physical training. The recruit will remain at the academy until 3:30pm on Monday through Friday for the twenty-one week span.

During these numerous classes, there are handouts given to the recruit, a slide show presentation, notes to be taken and a specialist in the particular field that will do a discussion section to answer questions...